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"Thank you for organising the trek, it was the best experience of my life and I will ALWAYS remember it. I have come home with a real sense of achievement and knowing I have pushed myself, which in our cosy lives, we don’t get to do very much. Knowing that the money we raised for the Nepal charity is so needed and will make such a difference is a great feeling, we do too little giving back in this life. I would love to do it again, even the same route, as Nepal is such an amazing place and that morning at ABC was mind blowing! Again thank you for giving me the chance to experience something so wonderful, I feel very lucky."

- Katie Hopkins

"The trek was absolutely fantastic.  The Team of porters and Sherpa's were really great and so helpful along the way. The food was just great - I don't know how Purna created such lovely meals in the middle of nowhere! I also think our group was smashing. We had such a laugh along the way and some great friends were made. For me personally I found it physically challenging, but extremely rewarding when Annapurna Base Camp was reached.  I feel extremely lucky to have experienced the beautiful countryside, people and general environment of Nepal.  It was also a most enjoyable way of raising money for two very worthwhile charities.  In particular I was glad to be raising money for the Nepal based Esther Benjamin Trust. It is good to give a little something back I think."

- Carolyn Banham

"We were itching to do more walking…. I was turning 40 and wanted something different, so thought … what about Nepal? I clicked on Google, had a look at a few of the first offerings and then decided to click on page 7 of the search (why page 7 and not 8?!) and up came BlueSage Trekking website. I was fascinated! I read the whole web page top to bottom – I liked the ethical and fair-trade approach to the trek and the caring attitude to the porters. I sent an e-mail to Lin….. 15 months later we were in a plane! We trekked for 8 days at a leisurely pace: we were a motley crew, different ages (from 20 to 70!), different fitness levels but walked well together, plenty of spots to stop for viewing beautiful scenery, catch your breath and at lunch and dinner time to eat scrumdidliumptious food. We were lucky with the weather, lots of sunshine and not too cold at night: Lin and Rick were perfect team leaders, very knowledgeable about the area, the people and have an excellent first aid knowledge and kit, which considering that you walk in very remote areas (some several days from a road!) is very reassuring. Thankfully we did not need to test that part of it! Would we do it again? You bet we would."

- Fania and Mike

"Each day brought a new cultural experience with amazing views of landscapes and snow capped mountains. A truly memorable experience."

- Martin Baily

"A truly inspiring experience. If you want to do something challenging and have the adventure of a lifetime go to Nepal. I have wanted to go for the last 5 years after travelling around India and was not disappointed in the least. The mountains are breath taking, especially when it is the first thing you see in the early morning. You unzip the tent and are handed a cup of hot tea, to sit and watch the first rays of the sun hit the white snow capped tops of the mountains, perfect!! Don't get me wrong, the trekking is also a challenge and probably the hardest physical thing I have done. Make sure you train before you go and get fit. The sense of achievement at the end will be worth the effort.  I will definately be putting my trekking boots on again in the near future.”

- Clare Watley

"My trek in Nepal was a once in lifetime experience and totally different from my perception of what to expect. It has changed my outlook on life for the better. Who needs palm trees and white sand beaches when you can walk through some of the most fantastic scenery on the planet? The Nepalese people are very friendly and polite and have a rich culture unspoilt by modern day paraphernalia. Some days were a challenge, some days more leisurely, the food and company were always excellent. I am planning to go back."

- Laurence Bain

"I have done the Blue Sage trek to Annapurna Base Camp twice and enjoyed myself so much that I am going with them next year again. I felt completely safe and catered for, the organisation and attention to detail was first class, providing us with unforgettable memories and a unique experience. The Himalayas were brought alive by the experienced crews with plenty of home comforts to keep us going. I would recommend this trek to anyone."

- Rebecca Weaver

"I trekked to Annapurna Base Camp with Blue Sage Trekking in autumn 2003.  We camped throughout the trek, following our entourage of porters, cooks, sherpas, and guides, across beautifully terraced hills and valleys, over bridges, through little hamlets of homes where we met local families carrying out their day to day living, and on up to the spectacular Annapurna Sanctuary.  I will never forget the stunning sight of the enormous white mountains against the dark, star-lit sky on the night we stayed at base camp. The trek was certainly well organised and took into account participants of differing abilities, enabling everyone to get the most out of the experience, and gain a sense of achievement.  The team of staff worked well together, making sure we had all we needed, and provided us with fantastic food.  Mucking in with the cooking was good fun and having time to chat with the staff enabled you to learn more about them, their country and their culture. "

- Emma Blackmore

"My Nepal trip was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life.  The 10 day Annapurna trek was incredible.  Not only were the views unbelievable (a given) but Lin and Rick coordinated everything flawlessly from the porters and cooks to transportation, so that all I had to do was show up at the airport.  Surprisingly, as much as I enjoyed my trek, I have to say that my ultimate highlight was Chitwan National Park.  Seeing the one-horned asian rhino (with baby) from elephant back, was the greatest single experience I've had."

- Orin Berman